Distroville is an online community to buy and sell physical and digital music and art directly from the source.

The missing link between the merch table and your smartphone. 

The idea is simple: offer artists, bands and labels their own store to easily sell their merchandise and records.

A place where they can feel like they are at the merch table, sweating and smiling, surrounded by cool people, after an epic show!

Distroville is very users-focused, qualitative and coherent, horizontal, and fair for all, respectful of the people, respectful of the existing musical and artistical structures, open minded and useful in those uncertain times. 

Shaped like a marketplace, it feels like a soulful handicraft market, not a cold supermarket.

The Distroville idea was born during the 2020 lockdown, to support European local scenes, and so was the company. The company is registered in France, the servers and the banking partners are from France. Even the photographers are European.

In an imaginary world, the streets of Distroville would be and endless party full of live music, record stores, vintage clothing, street art, exhibitions, good food, bars and a lot of fun!

With the precious help of a small team of music lovers, this first version of Distroville is ready and just waiting for you.

Now you know where you are, and we would just say one last word: