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Distroville is offering you a wide selection of records and merchandising from independent European music; bands, artists, and labels.

Distroville is a marketplace, it means many independent sellers cohabit in the same place and freely manage their own store, products, and sales.

Our role is to promote great music and art, connect bands with their fans, ensure secure transactions, and facilitate delivery.

Users must be +18 years old and live in the European Union, UK, Norway or Switzerland.



Find an item


Click on the product category on the homepage, then use the filters:


  • Product category: vinyl, CD, digital t-shirt, artwork...

  • Price

  • Music genres and subgenres

  • Artist's country

  • Seller's country

  • Size for clothing



Find a store




Click on an item then click on the seller's icon to visit his store.

In the store you will find a description/biography of the artist, a video, the upcoming shows or events, external links, and of course, it's full catalogue.



Place an order


Click on the item and find all the information of the selected product: description made by the seller and its provenance, photos, price, shipping options, and delivery date.

Add the item to the wishlist by clicking on the little red star icon, or directly add it to your cart and place your order.

Tips! The shipping fee for each extra item from the same store and the same category is +1€ only.

It means you will save money on shipping fees buying various same category items from the same store. (Like 2 LPs, or 2 t-shirts)


If you have any question, ask the seller by clicking on Ask a question to... 


Multi Orders


From the same seller:

  • Same product category (for example two t-shirts or two LPs), the shipping fee of the second product is only 1€ extra

  • Different product category (for example one vinyl and one t-shirt) both shipping fees are applied 

From different sellers:

  • Both shipping fees are applied



Select your shipping method

Find your order details on My Cart and select a domestic or international shipping method.


For example:

  • You are from France and you buy a LP Vinyl from a French seller:


  • You are from France and you buy a LP Vinyl from a British seller:

Select UK to EU

EU = European Union


Check the Shipping Guide for more informations.





Once in My Cart, click on Checkout and proceed to delivery details and payment.


Create your account:


  • If you only want to buy on Distroville, select Customer.

Artist, Band and Label statuses are for sellers only. Sellers can sell AND buy on the platform

  • Fill in your delivery details: name, postal address, phone number, credit card information, and place your order.

If you are and will be a buyer only, you don't need to fill in the Bank Account Information section on the Validate Information page




Payments are in Euro (€) and you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue or Paylib.

All payments are 3D secure

Our safe and secure payment system is host by Mangopay


Confirmation & Delivery


Once your order is confirmed by the seller, you will be informed by email, charged, and your order will be delivered to your address in 3 to 10 working days.

The seller will give you a tracking number so you can follow your mail/parcel throughout the delivery process.


Once delivered, please inform the seller and Distroville by clicking on Received on your Dashboard>Purchases


In case of delivery issues, contact the seller or contact us




After delivery day, you have 14 days to inform the seller in case you want to return the item, as required by the law.

Read the Terms and Conditions  for more information.




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