Posted on 2023-04-25
Lost In Tyme Lost In Tyme

Lost In Tyme zine+cdr #3

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Lost In Tyme zine #3
Get your copy now and enjoy exclusive interviews from ther best garage bands around the world:
Question Mark & The Mysterians,
Sick Rose,
Purple Merkins,
Mod Fun,
Evil Thingies VS The Way-Outs,
Teddy Boys From The Crypt,
Fabio (Hunchmen),
Articles about new bands like:
Brain Drain,
Phantom Keys,
Higher State

Articles about: Peruvian Rock of 60’s, Ping Pong Records and a great article about the Underground Press from the 60’s in USA. News and more than 70 reviews (Lp, 7”, Cd, Fanzines and Dvd).
The #3 comes with a CD-r compilation with 30 amazing songs (the most unreleased) from the bands which are mentioned in this issue! All dressed with a great cartoon cover by Darren Merinuk!

Manganzoides– Lost In Tyme
2 Sick Rose– It's A Mystery
3 Sick Rose– Don't Come With Me
4 The Bo-Weevils– That Girl
5 Mod Fun– 99th Floor
6 Mod Fun– Heartful Of Soul
7 The Waistcoats– Realise
8 The Rookies (3)– I've Been Waiting
9 The Rookies (3)– From Above
10 The 99th Floor (2)– Happyville
11 The 99th Floor (2)– The One I'm Looking For
12 The Teddy Boys From The Crypt– Now I Know
13 B-Back– I Want You To Be My Girl
14 The Movements– We Want The Lot
15 Evil Thingies*– Tu Es Impossible
16 The Wayouts*– Going All The Way
17 The Higher State– Ballad Of A Loner
18 Riots (3)– Tell Me Tonight
19 Ravens (3)– Lonely Eyes
20 The Purple Merkins– She's Coming Home
21 Spinns*– Let Me Down
22 The Phantom Keys– In The Summer Time
23 The Waistcoats– Yellow Fuzz
24 The Hunchmen– Tutto O Niente
25 Cheaters*– She Said No
26 The Glads– Start All Over
27 Rockdoras– The Sinister Urge
28 The Mojomatics– Blood Shot Eyes
29 Brain Drain (5)– Horror House
30 Drug Free Youth– Lost In Tyme


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Release Date

Apr 25, 2023

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  • Greece

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