Merch management

You’re an artist, a band, you’re touring, working on new music, promoting a new release. You’re probably pretty busy. We are here to help!
Our merch management service is personalized and adaptive, qualitative and affordable.

We manage your merch store

We print your merch or you send us your stock.
We set up your online store and ship the orders to your customers.

Just relax and play music, we take care of everything!

Unique in Europe

European bands:

  • No more need to go to the post office!
  • Effortless revenues


Non European bands:

  • Now you have a merch store in Europe
  • Save your european fans expensive shipping costs
  • We can take back your leftovers at the end of the tour

How it works

  1. Ship your merch to our warehouse in Spain
  2. We store and secure your goods
  3. We set up your online store and ship your merch to your customers
  4. Get your revenues
  5. We reprint if needed




  • FREE if your merch is printed by Distroville!


  • If not, we charge 0,20€ per item per month excl. VAT

Storage & inventory fee will be charged at the end of the storage time.
You’ll be charged a full month if you send us the inventory between day 1 and day 15. Half month between day 15 and day 30.
Service available within the limits of storage capacities.


Online sales

  • We charge 4€ per item sold, excl. VAT


Price includes online store set up and management, inventory, packaging and shipment.
Shipping fees are paid by customers.

Prices are in Euro € excluding VAT

Merch printing pricing:

See Merch production and Print-on-demand

Online store free/included:

See Online store