Hi garage maniacs!!!
I’m Periklis, from a small town in Greece called Nafpaktos! In 2003 I decided to start a fanzine specialized in the garage music! Μost magazines nowadays dealing with the 60's, so I felt the need to fix a fanzine about the neo garage scene… that’s how ‘Lost In Tyme’ fanzine came up. In 2004 the first issue was a fact and till today I have released 6 issues.
A couple years later me and my good friend John, (leader of Sound Explosion), decided to create a small record label and make releases for new garage bands. The first release of ‘Lost In Tyme records’ was an amazing band from Belgium, The Way Outs.

LOST IN TYME releases:
The Way Outs - Can't take no more 7" L.I.T45 - 001
The Garage Gods - Had enough of your lies 7" L.I.T. 45 - 002
The Royal Hangmen - Mary Jane 7" L.I.T. 45 - 003
The Basements - Heart of stone 7"ep L.I.T. 45 - 004
The Kumari - Watching you 7"ep LIT45-005
The Sound Explosion / The Basements split 7" LIT45-006
The Smoggers - Tonight / Your Lies 7" LIT45-007
The Higher State - You Might Find Out 7" LIT45-008
The Tenderfeet - The Girl I Never Had 7"ep LIT45-009
Alien Mustangs - The World As I Am 7" LIT45-010
The Mourning After - Just Walk Away 7" LIT45-011
Le Lanterne Rose - Paura Del Buio 7" LIT45-012
The Beet Freaks - A Load Of Hits 7"ep LIT45-013
Rusty Parts - Tonight 7"ep LIT45-014

The Basements - I'm dead LP LIT33-001
The Basements - Lost LP LIT33-002
The Sound Explosion - The Explosive Sounds Of... LIT33-004

The Mean Things - Out come the freaks CD L.I.T. CD - 001
Thee Martian Boyfriends! - s/t CD L.I.T. CD - 002
The Basements - I'm dead CD LITCD-003
The Sound Explosion - The Explosive Sounds Of... LITCD004
The Invisible Surfers - Desert King LITCD-005
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