Distroville is an independent European merch stores generator and media since 2022.

We value alternative culture, offering an attractive place to connect music and art lovers.

We promote and connect your work with your fans and customers, provide secure transactions, and facilitate shipment.

As musicians, coming from the scene, we are committed to a fair remuneration of your work.

Want to join the community?

Please read this guide to help you on the first steps.




Distroville is a marketplace, it means many independent sellers cohabit in the same place and freely manage their own store, products and sales. 


Main steps:


  1. Create your account, add your merch

  2. Upload your legal documents and fill in your bank account informations

  3. Easily manage orders from all Europe on your personal Distroville dashboard

  4. Prepare and ship the orders to the buyers

  5. Get your revenues



Who can sell on Distroville?


Distroville is about music and art.

We value creativity and new productions.


Three categories of sellers are welcome on Distroville:

  • Bands

  • Labels

  • Artists: solo musicians, DJs, performers, music photographers, fanzine makers, illustrators, serigraphy artists, painters, drawers, filmmakers, book writers, craft makers... As long as your work is related to the musical world


Users must be +18 years old and live in Europe (European Union plus the UK, Norway and Switzerland). Sellers must be independents. It means no major companies.

Are allowed: companies, businesses, organizations, associations, soletraders and individuals, like solo artists or a representant member of a band, but not individuals selling their personal record collection.

Traditional record stores are allowed to sell records if they are also labels. In this case they can register as Label.

Record stores and physical retailers can buy at wholesale price directly from labels and bands here



What can I sell on Distroville?


Music related physical and digital products.

Vinyls, CDs, cassette tapes, t-shirts and clothing, posters, serigraphs, printed photos and artworks, DIY fanzines, magazines, tote bags, buttons, pins, patches, stickers, music books, DVDs/Blu Ray, VHS, cards, postcards, paintings, drawings, illustrations, toys, mugs, magnets, drumsticks, sunglasses .... or any kind of cool merch you make!

You can also sell digital items, like songs/albums, mixtapes, digital fanzines, photos...

Audio files: MP3 and compressed ZIP files only

Tips! Sell Special Packs. for example: one LP, one CD, one t-shirt, stickers and buttons and reduce the shipping fees. Buyers will like it !


We value your creative mindset, we like new merchandising ideas!

You can list and sell as much merch as you want.

No listing fees, no quantity limitation!

New products only, no second hand. Mint, unplayed records, unworn clothes. 


Sellers acceptance


Distroville is a community of trusted sellers and buyers.

All users are verified and approved.

We are required by law to ask you some documents for our Payment Processor Provider partner Mangopay.

This process is part of European anti-money laundering regulation, known as AML, which requires institutions such as Mangopay to make sure that money transacting through their system is clean.

An identity proof is required for each seller, and for companies, organizations and soletraders, some legal documents.

After approval, you will be allowed transacting through Mangopay and get revenues from your sales.

It's just a standard e-commerce process like in every other online platform. It will only take you a few minutes.

After creating your account, please upload your documents here.



Create an account

First, please Sign Up .

Enter your username, email, password, country of residence and status. 

Select your status: Artist, Band or Label

Customer status is for buyers only.

To complete your registration, please read and accept the Terms and Conditions.



Add your merch


Click on Add Your Merch

Fill in your item information: category, title, description, release date, genres, subgenres, artist's country, seller's country, set up the price, upload 1 - 3 photos, optionally add a video and an external music player by pasting the embed code, and select your shipping methods.

That's it!


Create your store


On your Dashboard you can manage:


  • Your merch. Add, remove, edit your items and set up your selling prices and shipping methods.

  • Your store. Edit your profile, customize your store, update your public infos, add your banner image, your bio, list your next shows, add a video and an external music player (paste the embed code </>), your website and social medias links, your contact... This is what everyone will see in public.

  • Your sales, your orders and the shipping process. All you need to make the shipment and contact the buyers is here.

  • Your purchases. Sellers can also be buyers!

  • Your wishlist. Click on the little star to save your favourite items

  • Change your password


Ratings and users reviews are disabled. Distroville doesn’t rate music or art. Our sellers, artists, bands and labels are verified and trusted by the community. Buyers and sellers can easily communicate via the messaging system. We want to avoid any rating confusion between artistic feelings and shopping experiences. 




Please read the shipping guide before listing your merch!


Your Revenues


When you confirm an order, the buyer is automatically charged for the item plus the shipping fee.

You will be credited of your revenues directly to your bank account.

The price of your items sold, less (-) Distroville Service fee, plus (+) the shipping fees = your revenues.  


Service fee


Distroville applies an 8% service fee on each item sold through the platform.

The service fee is calculated on the selling price of the item only, not on the shipping fees.

Payment Processor fee included!

No listing fees, no membership fees, no hidden costs!

Distroville service fee exclude VAT





Distroville provides a safe and secure payment methods by Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue or Paylib.

Payments are verified by 3D Secure technology. 

Our payment processor provider is Mangopay.

All payments are in Euro (€)



V.A.T and taxes


You must respect your national and European law on taxes and VAT. 




On Distroville, all sellers are Artists, Bands or Labels but you can be a company or an individual seller.

Companies must invoice their customers. Individual sellers must follow their national and European rules

Distroville invoice sellers, monthly by email.



Now you are ready to launch!


Share your Distroville merch store to your audience, followers and friends, spread the word. Link your store to your social medias, website, blog, press kit... 

It's definitively the best tip to join visibility and merch sales


Use the Smartphone Version www.distroville.com


Now you have your merch in your pocket!


Wait! There's something more!

Your band is planning a new release? You would like help on promotion? Or you want to share your promotion?

Distroville is also a Media Provider

New reviews written by our dear contributors are posted on the main page and shared on social media.

Send us your music or art (links please, no downloads) and your presentation.

If our contributors are interested, they will review your album. 

You want to be a contributor, as a music journalist, a starting reviewer, or you just have good stories to tell?

Contact us and join the ‘ville.