Posted on 2023-03-29
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Doctor Explosión "Superioridad Moral" lp

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DOCTOR EXPLOSI​Ó​N "Superioridad Moral" LP

Doctor Explosion used to be three boys, now four, still captained by Jorge Explosión. Their place within the international garage rock community is intermittent yet legendary. Jorge, along with Cesar Crespo, Dani Montero, and Conrado Martín, will release their most unambitious album to date, Superioridad Moral, to continue sticking their tongues and showing their asses towards the music industry.

Would one call Superioridad Moral a mature record? That's a complicated term to associate with Doctor Explosion. Still, this album is sure that it shows Jorge and his band playing at a high caliber level. They keep their punk and garage attitude but unfold a thousand more nuances in this album: solid riffs, psychedelic atmospheres, anthological lyrics, and superb arrangements. You can't just label Superioridad Moral as simply "a garage album"; it was written and arranged without that intent. It is an encyclopedia of the best rock music in which huge songs follow one another. A brilliant record about maturity written by pathologically immature folks? Yeah, that sounds about right.


  • Rock


  • Garage Punk
  • Garage Rock
  • 60's Garage
  • Rock'n Roll

Release Date

Nov 4, 2022

Artist's country

  • Spain

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  • Germany



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